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Even though we may have heard a thousand times that we are not separate beings, we may still feel that we are. The perception of our minds defies the idea that we are all one and language defines our separation. It may feel normal to see and experience everything and everyone else out there. What would happen if we didn't?Heart Centered Therapy 3 (HCT3): Connecting to All That Is

HCT 3 is dedicated to experiencing our oneness so that our sense of being an integral part of ALL THAT IS no longer remains a question, but rests in our knowing. Initially, we will be turning the focus of our hearts towards exploring and deeply aligning with the consciousness/intelligence of our bodies, and our human and spiritual nature. Each and all aspects of ourselves are intelligent, loving, and unique. They are simultaneously experiencing their own realm of reality. We will be bridging these realms as we open to this deep level of inner communication in our sharing. We will be using the 4 elements; Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to deepen this work.
Our shifts in awareness may raise the very issues that have been holding us in dissonance. We will then process in the afternoons, and apply our sessions to clearing related traumas and beliefs and to deepening our spiritual experiences. We will integrate our HCT skills on our 4 days together.

Class length 4 days

We are in the process of providing Continuing Education for some professions.  Please check back to this page later as we will post all updates.

  • Experience your Universal Connection to All That Is.

  • Discern the 4 Aspects of your Self: Your Body and its Intelligence, Human Spirit, Soul, and Higher Self.

  • Experience the voice of each Aspect and deepen each relationship.

  • Experience how each Aspect of Self perceives, and unique experiences life through the 5 Universal Elements.

  • Re-awaken our innate ability to discern the subtle communication, love, and guidance that is always there on all levels of who we are.

  • Experience your 1st Ignition in the womb of our grandmothers as we transform from a single cell into the egg that is to become us.

  • Clear the matriarchal imprint of the egg.

  • Design your 4th ignition (Death) with Empowerment and Confidence in the Universe.

Price: $950

Registration Discount: $750

You can receive the discounted price of $750 by using your CHI-Pak or by registering and making a minimum deposit of $200 at a prior CHI class and pay the balance in full 45 days prior to the class start date.
(If the class is not paid in full 45 days before the start of class, the rate automatically goes up to $950)

Spouse/Family Discount: $650

Repeat: $475


Chikly Health Institute

I have lived more than half of my life with scoliosis and constant discomfort. After over a decade of chiropractic, physical therapy, and many other forms of relief I met Bruno Chikly. With only three sessions, Bruno was able to take away the pain in my back and straighten my spine in ways I never thought possible. I can actually feel the bones in my spine, like a normal back, whereas before I was not able to at all. Before the work that Bruno did on my back I was seeing a chiropractor about twice a week. Now, I have not seen one in over a month and I have never felt better.

Jojo C, AZ, 20 years old.
Chikly Health Institute

How HCT Changed my Coaching Career and Personal Life?

I have been a dedicated competitive swimming coach for 30 years. I was fortunate to experience two of my swimmers making the Olympic team, one of which was a medalist at the Seoul Games in Korea in 1988. Two years ago I met Alaya at HCT 1 and came to the realization that I have a heart and that I could see and feel life differently for myself. My life was changed forever. It was at HCT 2 that it hit me what a profound impact this process could have on the children that I work with. How might I incorporate HCT in my coaching philosophy?
We started in a very innocent way introducing the basic principles of HTC and experimenting with these experiences in the water. We now have some kids purely swimming in their heart and working with sound improves skills and reduces fatigue levels while training and racing. I feel enthusiastic that we are moving forward with Heart Centered Swimming. I feel confident that through heart-filled intention and openness to further exploration, we could have a profound impact on coaches of all sports.
Working in a Loving way has challenged my own personal growth and has reduced the life stresses that we all put on ourselves. Creating change in people’s minds is always challenging, but very much worth the effort. I look forward to the continuing Journey that Heart Centered Swimming and living fully in my Heart Brings to my own life and lives that I connect with.
Basically, when the kids are in their heart space and using sound they can:
- Improve their stroke position floatability
- They can reduce increase speed using sound – therefore fatigue is not really present
- There swimming races can reflect when they are in their heart and not. Their splits (times time per length) can indicate when they where in or out of their heart.
We’ve done tests where I get the kids to do vertical kicking holding an object above water. When in their heart, there is very little noise in the water. In their heads… the total opposite, we hear grunting, and lots of water noise.

Eric Kramer, Head Coach Northumberland Aquatic Club Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
Chikly Health Institute

I recently returned from a four-day workshop in Palm Beach Gardens given by Alaya and Bruno Chikly. I found it comparable to the Gestalt Pastoral Therapy I used to practice, except this is gentler, more focussed, more powerful, and you don't need five years of training and a master's degree to take the class. Whether it is something you would like to experience once or use in an ongoing manner, heart work is utterly magical and transformative.

My heart chakra has not been as activated as it was during this class since the last time I was in the presence of Master Choa. This work is a manifestation of the healing power of the Divine Feminine. During my session as a demo for ancestral healing, I received clear images with substantial and specific information from 15,000 years ago during the time of Atlantis, which is relevant to who I am and what I am doing right now. During my 30 years of inner work, counseling, meditation, healing, and therapy, nothing accessed that information until this class.

Anthony, July, 2007, Florida
Chikly Health Institute

I am writing what might be called a "testimonial" to positively RAVE about and endorse the value of Alaya Chikly's Heart-Centered Therapy curriculum (HCT); I just took HCT1 up in Boise and am eager to sign up for HCT2. As you know, I've been in the Upledger loop for a l-o-n-g time: you know how much I Iove the work, respect what it can do, and how superb it is that CST combines well with Visceral Manipulation and other "modalities" under the IAHE umbrella.

One of the questions on the eval form we completed on day 4 addresses "techniques" taught that we might find valuable. HCT is so much more than technique. It is blessedly SIMPLE, and so very profound and far-reaching in its gentle application. I can't wait to blend it in with the other ways of work I use, "proper tool for the proper job" and so forth -- but clearing the dissonant energies of long-held and limiting family patterns out of our precious bodies makes SUCH a difference in terms of the ease, grace, and joy we can experience every single day of our lives and share with others.

 The sacred is always simple. Complexity is the realm of the ego. Of course, we need both head intelligence and heart intelligence. Coming to the head intelligence with the truly OPEN heart, however, makes living and learning so much easier and happier!  I would not hesitate to say that Alaya's Heart-Centered Therapy is truly sacred work. I am filled withg gratitude to have it braiding into my own life and work.

 I may be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if Alaya's own sweetness and gentleness, her non-pushiness, has perhaps led to HCT's being a bit less emphasized as a significant part of the IAHE curriculum. I am going to make it one of my own intentions, with my Study Groups and ongoing participation in CST and VM classes, to speak of the value of Heart-Centered Therapy..


Linda B., LMT, CST-D
Chikly Health Institute

I've been thinking about you lately and remembering HCT3. It has given me so much peace as I walk through this cancer journey… You have given me the peace of knowing myself and feeling that I am loved and connected to those who are on this journey. The gift of HCT3 is about knowing and receiving love at a deeper level…I don't think it ever leaves me. For me it was getting past the fear and embracing the unknown in an acceptance of who I am through my relationship with God. Difficult to find the right words but you, Alaya, have the gift of "being" and "communication" and the "knowingness" of taking people to a higher consciousness.

Barbara S Ryan, Certified Bodywork Therapist, Certified Massage Therapist
Chikly Health Institute

The HCT process is an astounding recognition that the heart itself, has a level of intelligence that is so far reaching, powerful, and so clear as to perceive reality from a whole new vantage point. It is a rush of energy, an exhilaration. When I look out, I understand that heart has eyes and cosmic sight of its own. Its a pure form of intelligence. Nothing in reality is processed the same way again. Its an integration of wisdom that is incredibly beautiful.

Tracey Gisquet, Craniosacral Therapist, Reiki Master, Clairvoyant
Chikly Health Institute

HCT is an eloquent skill that teaches how to really listen and care for the Soul.It has been wonderful to have the ability to help people find their own answers. I am learning that by using HCT there are no limitations.

Beverly C., LMT
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