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In this class, we will be working deep within the interstitial fluid, the ocean in which our cells are nurtured and where life can blossom. These profound techniques connect into the “interior milieu” of our body, an interface between the physical and the non-physical. These interstitial techniques can be applied to almost any structure in the body and often create amazing changes in the body tissue.

We will show important techniques that enable you to work with the transient notochord, a rod-like structure that appears in the human embryo on day 16th-17th. The notochord plays a crucial role in structural as well as signaling information in the developing embryo.

We will apply these techniques to brain structures (hippocampus, hypothalamus) body structures and the birth trauma of the navel, for example.

We will work extensively with veins and notochord: Subclavian, Axillary, Brachial, Radial, Ulnar, Cephalic, Basilic, Femoral, Anterior Tibial (Fibular), Posterior Tibial, Great (Long) Saphenous, Small Saphenous, Internal, External, Anterior Jugular veins, Temporal, Facial, Thyroid, Vertebral veins, Inferior Vena Cava, Portal, Splenic, Gastric, Superior/Inferior Mesenteric, Renal veins.

We will also be working with a new concept that will help you localize deep axes and reciprocal movements in the skin, muscles, viscera, and endocrine glands.

An axis is a fixed reference in the body around which a structure can move, rotate, or have reciprocal movements.

When a structure is out of its axis dysfunction occurs and body structures often present altered physiology.

Working with the axes and reciprocal movement of the muscles, for example, will let you often downregulate in a non-invasive way tense or spastic muscles in a very short time.

We will work with all types of muscles: Short and long head of the Biceps (brachii), Brachioradialis, Levator scapulae, SCM, Trapezius, Scalenes, Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor, Rectus Capitis Posterior Major, Suboccipital triangle (of muscles), Masseter, Temporalis, Orbicularis Oculi, Pectoralis Minor, QL, Hamstrings (Semimembranosus, Semitendinosus, Biceps Femoris)

The same types of applications will apply to musculoskeletal structures, endocrine glands, viscera, and the brain.


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B1 or LDT1.

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Preparation for INReAL

Be sure you clearly understand the following words and, as applicable, know where to locate them in the body:

- Interstitium, Interstitial fluid, Extracellular fluid, Plasma.

- Extracellular matrix, Ground substance, Collagen fibers, Elastic fibers, Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), Hyaluronic acid,

- Peritoneum, Greater Omentum, Pleura, Pericardium,

- Frontal, Sphenoid, Clivus, Occiput, Parietal bones

- Antimatter, Positron

- Notochord, Chordate, Nucleus pulposus

- Septum of the Heart, Thymus, Thyroid, Hypothalamus, Hippocampus, Pineal, Central sulcus of the Insula (of Rheil), Interoception.

- Veins of the Upper Extremity:

Deep Veins: Subclavian, Axillary, Brachial, Radial, Ulnar

Superficial Veins: Cephalic, Basilic

- Veins of the Lower Extremity:

Deep Veins: Femoral, Anterior Tibial (Fibular), Posterior Tibial

Superficial Veins: Great (Long) Saphenous, Small Saphenous

- Internal, External, Anterior Jugular veins

- (Superficial) Temporal, Facial, Thyroid, Vertebral veins

- Inferior Vena Cava, Portal, Splenic, Gastric, Superior/Inferior Mesenteric, Renal veins

- Hepatic Lobule, Hepatocytes, Central vein of the Liver, Hepatic veins

- Joints: Sphenobasilar, Acromioclavicular, Sternochondral, Lunotriquetral (Lunate – Triquetrum in the wrist), Femorotibial, Talotibial

- Muscles: Short and long head of the Biceps (brachii), Brachioradialis, Levator scapulae, SCM, Trapezius, Scalenes, Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor, Rectus Capitis Posterior Major, Suboccipital triangle (of muscles), Masseter, Temporalis, Orbicularis Oculi, Pectoralis Minor, QL, Hamstrings (Semimembranosus, Semitendinosus, Biceps Femoris)

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Perci K., NCBTMB Board Certified, Certification from the Board of Nursing in Virginia

"It is an honor and a privilege to be a student with Bruno and Alaya Chikly and the Chikly Health Institute.
As a veteran therapist (37 years) and a continuing ed course junkie, I can say with total conviction that CHI is by far the best; the best teachers, cutting edge material, and the most enjoyable experiences."

Perci K., NCBTMB Board Certified, Certification from the Board of Nursing in Virginia
Chikly Health Institute

We are so grateful that the Chikly Institute has seamlessly adapted by bringing their cutting edge classes to students worldwide via online webinars, without sacrificing quality and in-depth instruction.  Bruno and Alaya's breakthrough work in both manual and emotional therapy is pivotable to the integrative care and techniques we bring to our patients, and thanks to the quality of their online classes, we can continue expanding our skills even during these trying times.

Michael Allen MD, Linda Lazar Allen CAMT. Center for Living Health
Chikly Health Institute

Today is a big milestone for me. In 2012, I first learned about the Chikly Health Institute and had to wait longingly for the time I would be able to have the resources to begin the program. Three years ago I took a deep dive into the coursework, and as of today, I have now completed all of Chikly Health Institute courses in the Lymphatic, Brain, and Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) programs*. This education has radically altered the way I practice my work and the health issues I can address with my clients. The classes are comprehensive, rich in content and experiential learning, and delivered with the highest professional standards. When I began the classes with LDT 1, it immediately became apparent how essential the integration of the Lymphatic, Brain and HCT programs was going to be to ultimately be able to have an elegant intersection of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of manual treatment. This curriculum is a pinnacle of excellence in bio-psycho-social hands on manual therapy. This is a truly unique program. Many of my colleagues in the classes with far more experience in other CEU training programs, repeatedly commented how superior the classes where with the Chikly Health Institute. Since I had dropped all of my eggs in this one primary CEU basket, I was thrilled to know I had made an extraordinary choice. In March 2020, when the world was turned upside down by the Covid19 pandemic, Dr Chikly and Alaya and the entire staff of teachers and administrative team made an extraordinary pivot from live to online classes showing their tremendous commitment to continue this great work and meet the demands for their student's advanced education. I have great gratitude for them all and look forward to all of the new work Dr. Chikly and Alaya will continue to develop and teach.


Patricia Anahata Little, LMT
Chikly Health Institute

l love this course! I use what I have learned in Bruno Chikly's courses with every patient. 

Laura Disenhaus, PT, DOMP, D.Sc.O
Chikly Health Institute

I love all of Bruno Chikly’s courses. I combine all the techniques he teaches with all the other techniques I’ve learned through other curriculums and his techniques really take my skills to a deeper level. My clients definitely benefit.  

Theresa Medellin, RN, LMT, CST-T
Chikly Health Institute

Once again Bruno's class doesn't disappoint with his clear and concise teaching style along with his humor and with a touch of magic Bruno makes the body become alive. What a gift to the practitioner to be able to feel the blood pulsing through the veins and feeling the interstitial spaces within body tissue. Thank you Bruno for adding dimension to our practice and giving us the ability to fly high!

Miri Krupenia, LMT, ND
Chikly Health Institute

This is such an amazing course bringing all mechanical techniques into a higher level of performance taking less time and greater affect on the body, emotion and spirit.

David Ebel, PT
Detailed Description of INReAL: Interstitial Fluid, Notochord Reciprocal Axes & Lines by Dr Chikly
Reciprocal Axes and Lines (INReAL) by Dr Bruno Chikly, MD, DO, LMT
Interstitial Fluid - Notochord - Reciprocal Axes & Lines (INReAL): A New Class by Dr. Chikly